The Roarin' Twenties!!


Historum Emeritas
Aug 2006
Ahh the Roaring 20's. A time for zoot suits, flappers, prohibition, and the highest standard of living in the entire world.

*Record Scratch* Ok, Rewind. This might be one view of the roaring 20's, but theres alot more to it. During the 20's, we had just gotten out of WW1, which our dearly beloved president, Mr. Woodrow Wilson got us into, even though he vowed to keep us out.. And with prohibition on the full swing, speakeasies took over the nightlife. This also brought on the rise of Organized Crime. Yep, The MOB! Hollywood fantasized about these Mobsters and turned them into Superstars!! In 1929, the Stockmarket crashed and Black Tuesday came. We're now in the great depression. But Alas! A new president is afoot! FDR! FDR!! And Into the 30's we go!

Please add to my little story as you see fit! I'm trying to make a comical view of history for the kids!