The Roman conquest of Mediterranean

Aug 2012
Hi all, I am working on a brief educational video about the Roman conquest of Mediterranean. I would be grateful for any suggestions to improve it.

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Ad Honoris
Jan 2011
Several comments if I may

The pause on text is a bit long, can make it shorter

But more importantly, it just looks like a collection of random battles with no clear framework and no understanding of how they came to be...

Was there a master plan ? What was the roman strategy ?

Also what were the roman advantages ? Why did they keep on winning ? ... I suggest at least the following causes:

Higher demography/population than their adversaries (today's Italy population advantage vs Greece is 6 to 1.. same vs Tunisia... it probably was similar then)
Better weaponry and tactics
Central position (both in Italy and in the med)

And what were the other powers ? Really , in the eastern med, at the time they were mostly the successor kingdoms to alexander the great's empire, weakened by internal strife

and then why could the roman NOT vanquish the sassanids
Aug 2012
Thank you tomar for the comments. The Roman_ Sassanid wars will be covered in the next video.
These videos sort of timeline videos covering ancient history of the Romans in
4 brief videos: Rise of Rome, Rome's conquest of Mediterranean, Rome's third century crisis and Enemies of Rome.
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