The Roman Way- Robert Erskine

Feb 2011
Does anyone remember this BBC prog?
It was in 5-10 minute snippets, in 1977 I believe, shown just after I Claudius (On its second run). I believe Dr Erskine was advisor to the 'I Claudius' production.

The prog was about the life and career in the 2nd century CE of Marcus Helvius Geminus, as described on his tombstone. I think it is in Turkey, but think he spent some time in Britain.

Dr Erskine was very much a schoolmasterly type, perhaps slightly irascible, but the prog was well presented. Does anyone know what happened to him? Ive heard nothing about him for years and he doesn't show much in internet searches by a marine history prog which I don't remember in the 1980s. I suppose he is no longer with us.