The Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Light Railway and the Nesscliffe MoD Training Area

Aug 2018


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That’s made me look into something I’ve been curious about. I travel along the A5 by Oswestry fairly often and the road is crossed by a single track line with a barrier that I’ve never seen in use. It seems to be the remains of the now disused line to Gobowen. One line that intrigues me is the one that used to run from Bala over to Trawsfynydd, I think largely to serve the large army training camp at Trawsfynydd. It would have reached a height of getting on for 1,500 feet at its summit.
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A detailed summary, it must have taken some time. Thanks for the link.
I'm not particularly a railway fan in general, but I do have a thing for some rural, poverty-stricken and eccentric lines, the pre-War Dept Shropshire and Montgomery qualifies very well (possibly surpassed on those terms only by the nearby Bishop's Castle, and maybe some of the Irish ones, like the Cavan and Leitrim you've covered, or the Schull & Skibbereen).
I've read a couple of books on the S&M, but I think you have a few pictures new to me, and the work done in locating the site of the line in modern photos is interesting.
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Aug 2018
Gazelle is known to have taken charge of two different coaches in its time on the Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Light Railway. The first was a cut down version of a London Horse Tram. The second used the same chassis with a body from a Wolseley-Siddeley Railcar which Colonel Stephens first used on the Selsey Tramway. That Railcar was itself a signioficantly modifies rail-lorry based on a Wolseley-Siddeley chassis........

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