The Sword and Shield of Rome

Nov 2010
BTW, what people think of Trajan and his general Tiberius and Lucius Quetus as talented commanders. The was with Dacians was pretty much the most ferocious conflict Rome fought after Punic wars and Caesar's conquest of Gaul. Germans were pussies by comparison to Dacians. At time when Dacians challenged Rome, Germans were licking Rome's butt. And dacians pretty much challeneged Rome when Rome was at pinnacle of its power led by the best Emperor Romans ever had. Pretty much, were Trajanus yonger and healthier, Romee would have its territory strethed to India.
Yes, exactly, Dacians were a huge threat to Roman rule in the whole region
From what I already read, that was extremely cruel and hard fought conflict. That was a total war.
They had the chance, blew it and got anhilated, end of story.

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