"The Terror" on AMC

Sep 2012
Las Cruces, NM
Don't know if you guys have seen this one. It's a fictional account of the ill-fated Franklin Expedition to find the Northwest Passage. It's got a fantastic cast: Ciaran Hinds, Tobias Menzies, and Jared Harris among them.

The show has superb CGI/special effects. The acting is topnotch. The action, when there's action, is intense. The negative for the show is, and forgive this pun, the GLACIAL pacing.

There are 10 episodes, I've seen 9 of them, and I'm not going to spill any spoilers.

Aug 2012
Washington State, USA.
(spoiler alert)

I stopped watching when the character of Ciaran Hinds died. I'm a big fan of Hinds ever since he played Caesar in HBO's Rome.

I don't know much about this expedition, so the movie could have twists and turns just like a normal story. The idea of people being trapped that can't escape causes me anxiety though, and I can only watch so much. It seems like a well made show though.
Aug 2018
I was a big fan of the series.
One of the appealing aspects to me, was the "glacial pace" you alluded to.

To me, it was likely used as an intentional mechanism used by the creator, director, writers, to give the viewer a sense of the isolation, desperation and "quiet terror" that those explorers must have felt back then when being marooned so unbelievably far from any assistance.

At least I hope so.

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