The top 10 most popularly worshipped Gods of Hindu faith

Jul 2017
Men and animals find water in all sorts of conditions, even in Namibia. Second image from Rajasthan. I know deserts, I was born and brought up there.

All good but we already know that Rajasthan turned into desert partially due to overgrazing.

So, Rajasthan evidence you share can't even be counted against my notion.
Sep 2012

Nice lore. Why do the Hindu respect Ganesh more than Shiva?
Ganesha is the God to be worshipped at the beginning of any auspicious ritual or ceremony e.g occupying a new house, to be conducted by the householder or for that matter even a public person. Ganesha is the God of good beginnings. Even some officials invoke Ganesha at the beginning of any new govt. project like the construction of a road/hospital; although this practice is being discouraged by the government, India being a secular republic.
As a result, Ganesha ends up being the most worshipped Hindu God.
Oct 2015
So now here is some hard-data from Mr Surinder Mohan Bhardwaj's book [1]:

(i) Principle deities of 84 Tirthas mentioned by at least three ancient authorities: [2]

Shiva [38%], Vishnu [31%], Mother Goddess [16%], Brahma [1%], Others or None [13%]

(ii) Principle dieties of 182 Tirthas mentioned in Kalyan Tirthank which described 1820 Tirthas of India [3]

Shiva [35%], Vishnu [16%], Mother Goddess [12%], Brahma [1%], Others or None [37%]

(iii) Post #24 by @prashanth

He got it right: "Shiva or Shankar tops the chart by a wide margin".

(iv) My Posts #26, #27, #34

My hypothesis was Mother Goddess as "most popular," next Bhagwan Shiva. This was to be followed by Bhagwan Vishnu, and then Brahmaji.

Data pushes down rank I had given to Mother Goddess. However, I still hold the Mother Goddess worship was most "wide-spread" though not "most popular".

(v) Post #47 by @hansolo

He needs to make Shiva as "most popular" and Visnu as next.


[1] Hindu Places of Pilgrimages in India by Surinder Mohan Bhardwaj. Second edition, 2003, published by Munshiram, New Delhi. This is a modern classic on the subject. was originally published by University of california in 1973.

[2] Table 5-3 on Page 90

[3] Table 5-6 on Page 92.

[4] There is good book on the subject: Hindu Tradition of Pilgrimage: Sacred Space & System. By by P.B. Rana Singh (2013). Mr Singh has uploaded his book and can be downloaded from internet.
May 2013
The abode of the lord of the north
Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu in no particular order. Then Durga, Rama, Ganesha again in no particular order. Then Hanuman, Kartikeya, Kali together. The 10th position might go to Saraswati or Narasimha. I don't know which one really.