The treasures of the Ottoman empire visits Japan for the first time

Sep 2019
The Treasures and the Tradition of 'Lâle'in the Ottoman Empire"is a new exhibition aiming to introduce Turkish arts and cultures to Japan. The Turkish word 'Lâle' means tulip in English, and is long regarded as a national symbol for the Ottoman Empire and its succeeding Turkish Republic. The exhibitionwill be held in Tokyo and Kyoto, and it comprises artifacts from Istanbul's 3 world-famous palace-museums; 161 of thesehailfrom the collection of Topkapi Palace, while Dolmabahce and Yildiz Palace contribute9 and 14 additional pieces respectively. "The Treasures and the Tradition of 'Lâle'in the Ottoman Empire" providesJapan with a glimpse into the Ottoman way oflife, while also emphasizing the deep-rooted cultural ties and friendship the two peoples have by presenting artifacts exchanged as gifts between the Ottoman sultans and the Japaneseimperial family. Turkey's first couple were among the earlier visitors of the exhibition, welcomed by Princess Akiko of Mikasa. Following his visit, Turkey'sPresident Erdogan highlighted that 2019 was declared the Turkish Culture Year in Japan, and elaborated on the substance of the exhibition: "The greatest wealth a country has lies in its culture,and I believe that those [countries] who give prominence to their cultural heritage would also pave the way for their peoples to come together." "The Treasures and the Tradition of 'Lâle'in the Ottoman Empire" consists of 3 segments. In the first, symbolic artifacts of the palace are presented, such as the sultans' throne, swords, and jewelry. The second segment holds kaftans, manuscripts, and vases, with a particular focuson the tulip form in design. In the third and final segment,Emperor Meiji's gifts to Sultan Abdul Hamid II make a return trip to emphasize the Turkey-Japan friendship. The exhibition will be open to visitors atthe National Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto until July 28, 2019.⁣

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Sep 2019
It's an interesting exhibition for Japan to see. For those that appreciate art, looking through these museums would add to looking through dictionaries and news articles about Turkey artifacts.