The United States abolish its armed forces

Nov 2013
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What if, during the Great Depression in the 1930's, the United States of America permanently abolished its armed forces in an effort to minimize expenditures and save the economy?

Note that any re-armament during World War II will be temporary in this (quite unrealistic, I know) scenario, and the American military will once again be abolished after 1945.

1) How would this affect World War II, if the United States had no military industry to aid the Allies, and nothing but local militias to defend itself against the Japanese early in the war? How long would it take for the American industry to become militarized after 7 December 1941?

2) How would it affect the Cold War if the United States had no power projection outside of its own borders and the Western European countries stood alone to contend with the Soviet Union?

3) What major conflicts could be avoided without the existence of an offensive American military?

4) What avoided conflicts could be ignited without the existence of an offensive American military?
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Jun 2015
I wouldn't say the existence of the US armed forces caused its post-1945 interventionism alone. If it still entered the war, I can see the same attitude resulting, since the French were invaded, and the British Empire was weakened. And the domino effect had resonance since 1945, since the USSR had full intention to spread communism, and all of Europe potentially could have succumbed, even Canada, and most of Asia.
Mar 2015
Probably the US would have been important simply as a source of military supplies and loans. The British would have had to borrow more and die more to win WWII. Maybe the Soviets would have taken more territory for the Warsaw Pact. The Marshall Plan would have still happened after WWII. The US would have been forced to bankroll the British military to safeguard western interests around the world.

Actually, I think the world would have turned out a lot better. The British would have been happy to continue as the world's policeman, and they were better at the job too.
Oct 2015
Beyond the Pale
Provided Fascism still rises in Europe, it essentially means the Soviets evebtually win after a total slaughter that drags out into 1946-47, whereby they proceed into France and essentially end all their age old rivals for good.

Also, a totally demilitarized US loses to Japan long before it can successfully re arm, the affects on the world would be quite phenomenal