The Vedic Pakhtas

Jun 2019
You don't spell-check your posts. Here in India Scheduled Castes and Muslims are the most sought after in elections, not the Gujars.
Not all gurjar are called gurjar. gujjar india me ek sang h jisme patidar patel, kurmi patel, kappu, reddy,dhangar,barwad,rebari bi samil h. For example most patel of gujrat are actually gujjars
Apr 2019
Do I care about all these gujars? Castes are loosing their importance in today's India. You are either 'for Modi' or 'against Modi'. :)
gujjars are still found in afghanistan, kpk swat(taxila),kashmir. All places where vedic civilisation flourished

All of the Vedic and non-Vedic tribes in India had been heavily mixing up with each-other between time-period of 2000BC to 3CE.
So it's futile to claim a 'pure' ancient blood-line.

Genetics Proves Indian Population Mixture | Harvard Medical School

I don't believe that people who have abondoned their traditional cultural and have also given up their religion should make any claim to Vedik heritage. Only Vedik Brahmins preserving different Vedik Shakhas are true inheritors.

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