The Vikings make smart investments with their earnings


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Mar 2012
Vikings begin organized raids against the civilized nations of Europe. But rather than dividing up all the gold for booze and whores, they intelligently invest it in banking establishments and infrastructure.

Rather than building long houses all over the place, instead they hire more brick layers from continental Europe to come and build more durable buildings.

Instead of going out themselves, they take on the roles of team leads, and use their capital and globalist reaches to ship around for the cheapest mercenary raiders for hire and perhaps offer a 50%/50% share rate (or whatever the competitive market rate is), additionally; mercenaries will be granted several benefits including: free access to Norse accounting services, 80% dental coverage and full medical (on the Norse health system), credits for training equipment, credits for slave purchasing, and 5 weeks vacation. Severance agreements for 4 months benefits for each of the first 3 years, and 2 months for each year after. Access to employment insurance benefits for redundancies, a nominal monetary benefit which lasts for 1-3 years until they can find a new raiding job.

Additionally, setting up Free-Raid agreements between the various Norse nations whereby raiding can occur in another’s territory duty/terror free.

Establish various branch-offices across the world whereby raid specialties can be established - again with a nominal fee of 25-28% shared to the central Norselands for use in overseas development and campaigning.

So the question is, would the Norse still be Christian, pagan, or reformed pagan by the time Canute came to power?
Mar 2016
If this were the case it would be very difficult for Michael Hirst to make a terrible and embarrassing TV series based on viking fanboyism and mythologizing, and I would approve of that.
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