The Voynich Manuscript is said to be Decoded, at last


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wonder what their going to charge for the "new book" version :)
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I thought that I was going to read what it said!!

Look at his site. He has a pdf and a youtube explaining his rationale. Though he also admits this is not an entire translation.

''My research into the Voynich manuscript looks particularly at the script and language, and as a result of my research I propose a decoding of around ten of the words and some fourteen of the signs and clusters. I suggest that these are the first signs and words to be successfully decoded, but of course the results are partial and provisional. I hope that other analysts will now be able to comment and perhaps build on the results published here.''

Quote courtsey of:

Voynich: the evidence | Stephen Bax
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Romany Gypsy maybe ? With it's secretive language and unusual herbal remedies ? Fortune telling ?

It's interesting all right, the strange water tubes drawings and what looks like big fancy cakes from a French patisserie :)
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Last thought.

I certainly did not intend to deflect from the excitement that's being presented or created here by the op.

It is quite exciting and with more work and peer review and acceptance; perhaps we will indeed see some finality brought to this fascinating subject.

At this point, and I'm no linguist, let alone scholar of medieval languages or etymologist. I can say, it's as good a theory as any and better than most.



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If and when this breakthrough leads to a full translation, I hope that the professor will next turn his attention to the meaning of "MacArthur Park."


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A new purported deciphering of the Voynich manuscript:

"AI Suggests Mysterious Voynich Manuscript Is Written In Hebrew" | ValueWalk

The Voynich manuscript is considered one of the most mysterious books in the world. It consists of 240 pages full of illustrations which show naked women and men, different plants, of which many haven’t yet been discovered, astronomical diagrams, with only a few of them matching the views of the sky from our planet. There is also text in the script which still hasn’t yet been completely identified. Now, AI suggests that the mysterious manuscript is written in Hebrew.

It is believed that the mysterious manuscript was written in the early 15th century. Scientists derived that based on the carbon-dating of the vellum. Vellum is a type of animal skin specially crafted to serve as a material you can write on. The book was named after a Polish book dealer, Wilfrid Voynich who bought it in 1912. Ever since it was rediscovered over one century ago, cryptographers and researchers have attempted to decipher what’s inside of it, although it remained a challenge until today.

Two researchers from the University of Alberta, Canada, decided to decipher its contents and they referred to artificial intelligence. Greg Kondrak, a professor of computing science at the university, and Bradley Hauer, a graduate student, attempted to run a set of algorithms which concluded that the script could be a cipher with a base language of Hebrew.

In order to sequence the language, the two of them included samples of 380 different languages which are in use today, according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“That was surprising. And just saying ‘this is Hebrew’ is the first step. The next step is how do we decipher it.” Kondrak, said in a statement, after initially thinking that the language base was Arabic.

[Continues . . .]
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