The war against America - People of Vietnam

Jul 2019
The resistance of the Vietnamese people against the American Empire invaded after the victory of the Resistance against the French (1945-54) to liberate the South, protect the North, unify the country, complete the nationalist revolution. people all over the country.
After the Dien Bien Phu victory, the Geneva Agreement was signed. The war ended. The French troops withdrew to the country, the North of our country was completely liberated. According to the Geneva Agreement, after 2 years, there will be a unified general election of Vietnam. But the American empire with the intention to invade Vietnam for a long time, took advantage of the opportunity, deceived the French, jumped into the organization, commanded the righteous army, army of minions, military economic aid, turned the South into the New colonial type, long-term separation of our country. Our whole nation has come to fight against new aggression.

The resistance goes through 5 strategic phases:

Phase 1 (7.1954-12.1960): The period to preserve the force transferred to partial uprising - Dong Khoi movement. The North tried to consolidate and build socialist orientation as a strong foundation for the revolution of the whole country; the south from political struggle moved forward to combine political struggle with armed struggle and partial uprising, defeating the US one-sided war.

Enforcing the Geneva Agreement, LLVT withdraws from the North. Meanwhile, the false armies retreated to the South. With a long-term plan to divide Vietnam, turn South Vietnam into a new colonial style and a US military base, since 1955, the US empire built for Ngo Dinh Diem government a major artillery and armored team. and 54,000 local troops under direct US control through nearly 700 military advisers.

The United States and the Ngo Dinh Diem government set up by the United States attempted to undermine the 1954 Geneva treaty on Vietnam, implementing a policy of "adding up and destroying", frantically beating and killing, imprisoning more than half a million officers. , party members, patriotic people, brutally oppress the people's movement to enforce the Geneva agreement and implement free elections to unify the country and the civil and democratic government (see case) massacre of Ngan Son-Chi Thanh, 7.9.1954, Phu Loi massacre, 1.12.1958). In only 4 years (1955-1958), 9/10 party members were arrested and imprisoned, many districts were no longer party bases. The southern revolution suffered heavy losses and fell into a very dangerous situation.

In the face of the US-Diem's frenzied terrorist act, at the beginning we did not have concrete measures against the enemy's "one-sided war", gradually the revolutionary party members and masses felt themselves to be armed against enemy, otherwise revolution will be destroyed. Implementing the policy of political struggle with armed self-defense, the southern people gradually restored and developed armed teams, stepped up armed activities to propagate, eliminate evil, demolish and organize battles. small size, anti-rake, protection base. Many places have rediscovered the weapons we buried when we gathered, built armed and propaganda teams (Vinh Long, Can Tho). Since 1957, armed activity has increased in coordination with political struggle. Some revolutionary armed units have attacked, ambushed the enemy, protected the base. In 1958, the movement developed more and more, with the attack of Dau Tieng district town 70km away from Saigon, heavy damage to 2 enemy battalions, killing 200 people, and being the district chief; the raid on the headquarters of the American Advisory Mission (MAAG) in Bien Hoa, killing many American ...

Inheriting and developing resolutions of the Central, Politburo, the Southern Party Committee and the Southern Revolution Outline of Comrade Le Duan, January 1959, the XVth Conference of the Party Central Committee confirmed The basic development path of the Vietnamese revolution in the South is the uprising to seize power to the people. According to the specific situation and current requirements of the revolution, the path is to take the power of the masses, based on the political force of the masses mainly, in conjunction with the armed forces to demolish the government of imperialism and feudalism, set up the revolutionary government of the people. The conference also predicted, because the American empire was the most warlike empire, so the people's revolt could turn into a long-term war between us and the enemy.

Immediately after the Conference, the Central Party, the Government established the Truong Son Military Hoi An Transport Group (Group 559), began to provide people and weapons to the South.
Feb 2014
The Vietnam war is something I have nothing positive to say about the USA. The war was a backstab to everything the USA stood for just because of the red scare and hysteria. But I’ll follow. I enjoyed the ken burns series on Vietnam.
Aug 2019
United States
Few Americans can understand the details that you wrote about here. Fortunately, most Americans agree that the Vietnam war was unneeded. It was not a civil war, but a war to expel foreign colonialists. South Vietnam was never a nation, but a creation of the American CIA. Here is a short video that explains all this: