The War of 1812's Place in Historiography

With the bicentennial of the War of 1812 drawing to a close, iv'e found myself wondering about something. Canadians think the War is a critically important part of their History-for obvious reasons, as it's fate pretty much hung on the balance of the outcome, and it saw events such as one of the bloodiest battles on Canadian soil, at Lundy's Lane in July 1814. But for the actual Colonial power directing the fighting, the British, it is swept under the Napoleonic rug or treated as a series of Minor skirmishes. In the USA, the aggressor in this particular Conflict, it is seldom mentioned, and when they do, they also treat it as a minor War that they "Won". Should the War hold a bigger place in the Military historiography of these two countries?


Ad Honoris
May 2011
Navan, Ireland
It was really a pretty small side show of the Napoleonic wars.
a few frigate actions small lake flotillas etc so important at the time?
Britain even stooped the convoys .
Sep 2013
It was very small scale warfare.
It is very important in Canadian history I think. But to the British and US it is eclipsed. Even though the US lost neither GB or the US gained anything.
Dec 2010
Lots of lessons to be drawn from that war.

For Americans who want to invade another country, beware the promise of a cakewalk.

For those who want to invade the USA, it's probably best not to do so by way of Lake Champlain, given Prevost's unhappy experience and that of Burgoyne a bit earlier.

For Canadians, things had to have looked grim for awhile, but a hard-nosed attitude in the face of adversity paid off. Well done, Canada!