The west africa boat?

Nov 2015
It was detailed extensively in Dr. Ivan Van Sertima's book they came before Columbus. What Van Sertima also pointed out in his book regarding African pre-colonial American contact was that huge ships are not needed to cross the Atlantic ocean. Instead he pointed to several experiments in which the most basic ancient reed boats are more than capable of making the voyage to and from America. In fact there was an Norwegian man who proved that primitive boats were more than capable of the voyage to and from America from Africa.

"Undaunted, Heyerdahl constructed a second papyrus craft, the Ra II, with the aid of Aymaro Indian boatbuilders from Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. With a multinational crew of seven, the Ra II set sail from Safi on May 17, 1970. After a voyage of 57 days and 4,000 miles, the ship arrived in Barbados. The story of this voyage is recorded in the book The Ra Expeditions (1971) and in a documentary film."

It pretty much goes without saying that the ancient Nubians-Egyptians made it to America (like they made it all the way to Australia) and set up shop with the Olmec civilization.
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