The Western Allies land in the Balkans instead of Italy in 1943

Oct 2015
So, southern France really was a better bet since it would have at least diverted some Nazi resources from Normandy?
The American Joint Chiefs of Staff certainly thought so, as did Eisenhower at SHAEF. They would only agree to Mediterranean operations that would directly support OVERLORD, and were determined that no US resources be diverted to the Balkans or Eastern Mediterranean.
Churchill fought the invasion of Southern France (ANVIL/DRAGOON) to the last ditch.
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Sep 2012
Tarkington, Texas
Churchill was great about proposing sites for an invasion. Where he failed was finding British resources to carry them out. He diverted high quality manpower away from a whole Division (70th British) and still had to convert two Royal Artillery Battalions into Chindits. While Wingate loved Gurkhas and British troops he refused to have Indian troops. Then they went and added West African Troops as Garrison Troops. If he did not take them he might have had to accept Sikhs or other Indians.