The Whigs' plans in regards to Mexico if President Polk couldn't secure a peace treaty with the Mexicans by November 1848?


Ad Honoris
May 2014
Does anyone know what the Whigs' plans in regards to Mexico were if US President James K. Polk couldn't get a treaty passed by November 1848 and if the Whigs would have won the 1848 US presidential election?

In real life, Polk was able to get the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo signed and ratified several months before the November 1848 election. However, what if Polk's negotiator Nicholas Trist would have followed Polk's orders and insisted on the cession of more Mexican territory and caused the Mexicans to try stalling until the November 1848 presidential election in the US in the hopes of getting better peace terms from a new US administration?

Did the Whigs have any plans as to what exactly they should do in such a scenario? As in, if a new Whig US President comes into office in 1849 and sees that the US has been occupying Mexico for over a year now without getting any peace treaty.

Any thoughts on this?