Theory of the Undetermined Status of Taiwan — Does the Republic of China have the sovereignty over Taiwan in legality ?

Jul 2018
Hong Kong
Theory of the Undetermined Status of Taiwan (台灣地位未定論)

Taiwan have people, land, government and the institution of electing a president and a ruling party, is a virtual state in spite of not being recognized by PRC, USA and masses of other countries in the international society as an independent country. Yet, the "Taiwan Question" is not as simple as whether is it part of China and should Taiwan be integrated into part of the Chinese Mainland regime for achieving unification. Indeed, the huge confusion arose for the indistinguishability of country name and geographical name. The Republic of China (中華民國, ROC), rather than being the "native-born regime", was more like the "foreigner-built regime" in nature. When the ROC was founded in AD 1911, Taiwan was under the Japanese occupation and wasn't part of the Chinese territories. Only after the World War II, the Kuomintong (KMT) army captured Taiwan on behalf of the Allies in AD 1945. But does that mean the KMT's rule over Taiwan was "legalized" hereafter ? Let us analyze and discuss about that based on the following guidelines I suggest.

1. AD 1943 Cairo Conference and Declaration — Britain and USA did not agree returning Taiwan to China

2. AD 1945 KMT's recapture of Taiwan — "postwar military occupation" wasn't equivalent to "possession of sovereignty over territories" according to international laws !? Did China really "recover" Taiwan ?

3. The US President Truman declared that the status of Taiwan was "undetermined" on 27th July 1950 !?

4. AD 1951-52 Treaty of San Francisco — Japan officially relinquished his sovereignty over Taiwan and the Penghu Islands, but the problem was....he didn't mention returning them to WHICH country !

5. AD 1971 USA adopted pro-PRC stance in diplomacy, caused huge impact to the relations between Beijing, Taibei and Washington. ROC was expelled from the United Nations and the seat of "China" was replaced by PRC. In AD 1979, the USA broke off diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Hereafter, Taiwan was universally not recognized as a "state" in the international circumstance.

6. Did the "democratization" of Taiwan legalize the ROC's sovereignty over Taiwan in terms of self-determination ?
Mar 2019
depends on how many intl countries accept you as a country, if majority embraces you, you are considered separate, secondly it also depends on your sovereignty, military, independent policies, govt etc.