There aren’t many video games set in prehistory are there?

Oct 2017
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There’s long been plenty of games of all genres set all across historical periods & settings, including the future, but very few in prehistory.

The only video game I’m aware of that have any intention of simulating any appreciable amount of reality whatsoever that’s set in prehistory is ‘Far Cry Primal’.

I see that there is this game called ‘Stone Rage’ available on Steam, though it doesn’t have a Wikipedia article, but appears to be the only other minimally-realistically-oriented prehistoric first person open world survival game other than Far Cry Primal, though it does certainly look interesting.

There is ‘Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey’, which looks very well done, but the characters all appear to be apes so clearly intended to be pre-human.

Saurian & Ark Survival are perhaps the top prehistoric animal simulations in the game market, Saurian particularly appears to be very popular & praised, but they’re regarding dinosaurs, & the latter game appears to have more of a fantasy rather than realistic emphasis since it involves humans battling Dinos as well, more like Jurassic Park.

There are a few open world first as well as third person realistically-oriented survival games set in nature, the main ones I can think of are ‘The Long Dark’ & ‘Stranded Deep’ as the most realistic ones I’m aware of, ‘The Forest’ & ‘7 Days to Die’ with more fantasy aspects, though they’re all set nowadays or in the near future, & are fairly recent releases as well.

There have long been plenty of non-minimally-realistically oriented video games set or having parts set in prehistory, though, the vast majority of them seem intended towards children, the games that aren’t are usually settlement building games with a brief prehistoric initial level.

Prehistory & cavemen has long been a popular trope & theme, but far less often exploded realistically as a theme.Guess no one cares much about prehistory, over 99% of human history, though of course being prehistory, we’ve always known very little of it apart from archaeological glimpses.

I think it would be good to see more games like Far Cry Primal set in more geographical locations around the world, even better if they could include more realistic survival aspects like those in the survival games I listed above. Ice Age Europe has always been the epitome & archetypal prehistoric setting.

Now, to the main point here. With that all being said now, if Far Cry Primal is indeed the only minimally-realistic-oriented video game set in prehistory, then that should be our main focus in this thread then. What do you think of it? What do you think of its portrayal of the setting, items, people, as well as story?
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