There isn’t much way to tell what is real beyond our solar system is there?

Oct 2017
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There isn’t much way for humanity to tell what is real much beyond the earth is there?

Now I well realize that I’m not an astronomer & that I have little reason to not have faith in them to believe that they’re the real exerts & have had a long time to know exactly what they’re doing & concluding, I’m just making suggestions here & would appreciate feedback.

I’ve always felt that the big problem with space & astronomy is that it all relies exclusively on light, certainly only light beyond our solar system, & that nothing is tangible outside our solar system, & even within not much is. Here on earth we know how well light & other energy can be refracted & distorted in all kinds of ways & be deceiving of information. I suppose there’s no reason we should assume that’s not the case outside our solar system. It’s entirely possible that there’s whole libraries of elements & substances which humanity will never know of unless they somehow happen to come our way, who knows how much they could hypothetically distort light.

I’ve recently had a big thought in that what if what we perceive to be distant galaxies could actually just be developing stars & solar systems, or at least some of them? After all it’s not like humanity has had enough time to witness either completing. Well whatever those bright clouds & discs are, they appear to be masses of matter emitting light, most probably through chemical & molecular reactions but only God know exactly how, rotating by gravitational attraction of their nucleus. They also appear to be moving away from us & each other don’t they, one of the main evidences for the Big Bang, but the Big Bang theory, like most of natural history, can only be very broad in its concept, especially with astronomy.

I think the main counter to my suggestion above though is that here on the earth’s surface what appears to be the nucleus of our own galaxy is readily visible at certain times of the year when the sun isn’t in the way of it, & it should always be visible to astronauts orbiting earth. The appearance of the milky way’s nucleus of balls of light looks just like a central view of a distant orbiting disk doesn’t it?

But either way, in the end the fact will always remain that we have no way of proving anything definitely beyond our solar system. The positive aspect of this though is that our solar system is certainly within relatively quick radio distance to us, we might as well make use of developing technology to explore our solar system including the planets, moons & asteroids as much as we can then. But still, how cruel nature is to set up something so visible & tempting yet inaccessible for us! On that note it’s remarkable that humanity has technological access knows this much about nature at all in biological & historical terms! Perhaps a good analogy would be like being stuck on the top of a hill or mountain of a large island, I dunno let’s say because it has the only fresh water spring while being surrounded by large caverns, while being able to see the base of our island along with several others nearby, along with more distant island groups on the horizon.

One effect studying astronomy & science overall has had on me is making me realize how ugly & cruel nature is, sure it may be highly complex, wonderous & awe-inspiring, but it is also so cruel! Science clearly shows that we’re all probably doomed to eventually die & enter the eternal void that we came from before we were born. & life on earth & earth itself is probably doomed to eventually die as well, as real in the future as it was when it formed. Humanity’s understanding of deep time & the nature of our consciousnesses & reality, basically the understanding of each of our eventual doom, is a mere one and a half centuries old! That’s extremely recent not only in in evolutionary terms, but even historical! It’s like being told that the island your on is eventually going to sink or the plane your In is eventually going to crash! It would be interesting to think of how would humanity & civilization have evolved differently if it had the knowledge of much of modern science, including our eventual eternal doom.

Cruel Cosmos!

Oh how I’ve come to hate nature! I’m really beginning to wish & hope there is God or anything divine to save & guide us eventually!
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Oct 2017
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So my big question is could it be possible that what scientists claim to be galaxies as light-years distant & thick mass of stars & nebulae, or at least some of them, might actually be rotating disks of developing stars, the light in the nucleus & edges a result of molecular reactions?
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So my big question, could it be possible that what scientists claim to be galaxies as light-years thick mass of stars & nebulae, or at least some of them, might actually be rotating disks of developing stars?
IIRC they were at first thought to be close by nebulae, but were found to be galaxies outside our own as instruments and methods for measuring distance became better. I think you could find some youtube videos explaining the basics of astronomy, sounds like that might be useful for you?


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