Things that you dislike about your country


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Oct 2016
Tradies . Not doing what they are supposed to or not even turning up at all . Then the other tradies come in to do the work that the first lot was supposed to set up for , so they cant do it, or any other follow on work . So you go on to another project ; the electrical ... delayed, so start another different one . Then they all turn up on the same day ! ARRRRGH !


Send me Germans ! I want Germans !


(Do everything perfect in 4 days , clean all the tools, the inside of the tool boxes, wash the truck , etc etc ,

" No thank you, we dont have time for a cup of tea, otherwise we might be late getting back to the depot . "

"Will that make a difference , a few minutes ? "

" Our Boss will not be happy. "

" Ahh, what difference could a few minutes make ? "

< incredulous German expression > ... " Our Boss will not be happy . "


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Jul 2013
San Antonio, Tx
I also dislike the Byzantine relation between state and church, and the frequent meddling of the latter in public, non-spiritual affairs. This too has started to change, and the current government has tried to push things into the 21st century, but that would be a hard nut to crack. The Orthodox church holds way too much power and influence on people.
Agree.I completely agree that the church has NO PLACE in politics whatsoever. Make it a fundamental tenet that no church should have any claim on political power whatsoever and should receive not a dime’s worth of public support.


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Jul 2013
San Antonio, Tx
Marijuana issues cause inconvenience for Canadian travellers.

That has not yet been established, but I think you're probably right, given American paranoia about drugs, and the not uncommon officiousness of US officials. Every member of my family has experienced some complete dickheads of US officials,These paragons of efficiency and reason all seemed to be convinced that we were all just dying to live in the US, so would remain after visas expired.

For the record: we all have dual citizenship with Canada, we all love the US, and have a lot of relatives there. However, none of us would live in the US on a bet, especially with that thug in the Whitehouse...
1) Corruption most foul - Unbarred, rampant and blatant
2) Utter lack of civic sense
3) High religiosity coupled with nearly zero knowledge of religions
4) Casteism
5) Complete disregard of safety protocols (Often results in fatalites, sometimes hilarious stuffs happen too)
Lord Yamraj on Bengaluru roads to teach importance of helmet - Times of India ►
The “best thing” about the current occupant of the WH is that he too will soon be gone. And if he won’t leave, we’ll just kick him out.
Jan 2017
The people in it.
Mine too. I used to go to Ajax and he was sort of my role model: Same sort of school, a few years older and almost as much talent as me. I remember that he had like 12 games in a row in which he scored, without being the striker.

I heard (not confirmed) that at Arsenal they sold shirts with his number and "God" on it.
Top quality footballer, one of the best of any era we've had over here. It's not just Arsenal fans who rated him very highly but all across the country.

Would rather have Van Nistelrooy in my team though, guaranteed 25 goals a season.


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Jul 2016
The “best thing” about the current occupant of the WH is that he too will soon be gone. And if he won’t leave, we’ll just kick him out.
You're going to kick him out. So you're going to stage a coup. LOL

I absolutely cannot wait for this civil war to kick off. You and your buddies are going to be in for quite the treat when you realize what war actually means. Cable news will never be more fun to watch!