Thirty Years' War and Qing Conquest of China

Jun 2010
Both happened at around the same time. How did military technology/doctrine/tactics etc differ in these wars?
Sep 2014
Queens, NYC
Well, The Manchus were allowed into China after an internal Chinese Revolt had overthrown the reigning Ming Emperor. That was in 1644, The 30 Years War had 4 more years to run.

The European armies of the 30 Years War were mostly a combination of Pike (very long spears) and shot (firearms, both personal and crew-served), and cavalry [heavy, still armored, for hand-to-hand fighting; light-generally unarmored, for scouting and skirmishing]. Infantry in blocks; except perhaps for Swedes, they may have been in lines.

Manchu may have been with a large contingent of archers-mounted and afoot-spearmen, cannon. Chinese troops pikemen, probably some archers, firearms troops,

Cannon in Europe probably overwhelmingly muzzle-loaders. Probably manchu and Chinese cannon mostly muzzle-loaders, but quite possibly a substantial number of breech-loaders. Chines (and maybe Manchu) cannon may have been used to shoot spear-like projectiles. Possibly rocket launchers were still in use in Asia.

Most personal firearms in Europe, and all in Asia were matchlocks. Some personal firearms in Europe were wheellocks, snaphances, miquelet locks, and flintlocks.

Both areas had swords, maces, maybe axes in Europe, certainly in Asia.