'THIS is History ! '


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Oct 2016
Anyone remember this BBC (?) 'mocumentary' ?

'THIS is History !' (Cant find it on internet ? )

It was hilarious ; a lame history teacher tries to get his students interested by dressing up in period costumes ( home made and really bad ) and 'acting out' parts (again really badly) in class as he reads from texts and some failed excursions .

My fav was when they went to an old battlefield and he encouraged the class to dig around and see what they could find ; " Maybe you will find a button or clasp, or if you are really lucky, maybe even a sword. "

After a bit one girl " Ohhhh grosse ! Ewwww ! YUK ! "

teacher ; "What is it what have you found ?"

" A skull ! "

" Dont worry, dont be put off, this is all part of archeology , you have to get used to things like this . But what a remarkable find ! This is really unusual and I think that .... "

Same girl continues digging ; " Ohhhh YUUUK !!! "

Teacher ; " Oh, for goodness sakes ... what have you found now ? "

" An old half decayed backpack ! "

--- cant seem to find reference to it or old episodes anywhere ?
Feb 2017
Devon, UK
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