Thomas Sowell's Basic Economics


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Dec 2015
I found the name of Thomas Sowell in Steven Pinker's Better Angels of Our Nature: How Has Violence Declined.
One of his works in Basic Economics, which is an introductory work on economics, and it is written without math
and jargon.
The downside is: It is a book of substantial length as well; yet, it is still quite hot on Libby.
Libby is the library system in which people can borrow ebooks and audiobooks at the comfort of their homes;
even though it does not contain all the books, it has way more recent books than the Internet.
How should introductory economics be taught?
Have any people heard of this book at all?
Since there is a 5th edition of the book, what do you think?
Jan 2013
Toronto, Canada
Sowell is really more of an essayist. I would try one of his shorter books first to see if you like his ideas.
Jul 2019
Pale Blue Dot - Moonshine Quadrant
Sowell is very good - and he writes clearly, which is a big help.

Years ago, Henry Hazlitt wrote a less expensive introduction called Economics In One Lesson. It is not a sophisticated as Sowell but it is an introductory approach.

I think Hazlitt's book might be free on the Internet in PDF format.

With our modern problems economics has often become a controversial subject. IMO either book is a good place to start.
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