Tibet during China's warlord era?

Jul 2014
Yes, but Khampa tribes didn't attack Chinese due to commands from Lhasa, they did so under their own accord.
Let's see things with your logic
Japan had huge portions of China in world war two, therefore China=Japan, the KMT is Japanese?
Makes no sense.
Many Khampa tribes of Yushu in Qinghai and Ganzi in Sichuan were under Lhasa control directly and indirectly for many years from the 1860-1903 and 1914-1930. Taxes had to be paid to Lhasa. Only Derge In Kham were totally free from Lhasa control.

Loyalist tribes from Ganzi destroyed the Khampa rebels of 1934. During the 1850s-1860s decade long ngyarong Khampa rebellion ,Qing forces were kicked out and Lhasa had to step in with loyalist forces of Ganzi and Yushu to pacify the rebela. Lhasa forces stayed in control until 1903 and than resumed power after 1914 till the Sichuan/Qinghai wars.

Almost all the Khampa rebellions were defeated by Lhasa loyalist khampa tribes under the control of Lhasa.

Japanese comparison is wrong. Central Tibetans are as much Tibetan as Khampa Tibetans are.
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