Jun 2006
What do you know about the Titanic? I know that it was a disaster that could have been avoided, due to lack of life boats.

I also know that it set sail on the 10th April 1912, where upon leaving Southhampton, it nearly crashed into another liner.

It then went on to Ireland, where upon leaving, it again, nearly hit a liner.

Then of course, on the 15th April 1912, it sank when it hit an ice berg. You could say that third times the charm, after narrowly avoiding two near disasters where people could have been saved.
Jun 2006
Montana Mountains
I don't know much about the titanic except from what i've seen in the movie. It was mainly the lower class citizens that were killed in the ships sinking. Those that could not afford the be in a cabin above the water line.
Jun 2006
I had a distant relative that died on the titanic... not much was known about him, but you can see his name on the list of passengers on some of those Titanic websites
Oct 2007
North Wales
The guy in the film who is in charge of the only boat that goes back to find any survivors (played by Ioan Gruffudd) is buried in a Church just on the outskirts of my town. My sister and myself spent hours searching for his grave. We found it eventually!! What a guy, the only boat that went back!!