Today Indian SC began its First war of independence war against British East India company, was there any chance of liberation?


Ad Honorem
Aug 2015
Indian people always had the concept of 'chakravarti' king of 'bharatvarsha'. So even if it was not often materialised, Indian had the concept of single nation since eternity. They also had clear distinct designation of 'malechha' for people outside of their cultural realm.
People often debate with me that there was no India but they forget that India is not just a physical boundray but a civilization. Civilization is far more superior binding factor than a political entity. Unlike China, Indian people never tried to homeginize their country. But even with differences any outsider can recognise Indian culture.
A good number of 'Hindutva' people are actually atheist. The founder of RSS was also atheist.
Being an atheist doesn't make one a non-Hindu, but I am sure none of the Hindutva people would eat beef. At the same time there are beef eating Hindus. Defining a Hindu can be loosey goosey, imprecise I meant, so is anything concerning India. But things begins to gel when one gets a much deeper understanding.
Apr 2019
British learned that from the Indians.
Oh really ! I don't know the truth but the Brits needed to learn to not to vandalise someone else's house. I hope now they know(even though their Bible may not agree) that brown skinned pagans also have souls.