Top 10 Roman Generals (Byzantine allowed)

Oct 2018
Caesar, Aurelian, Constantine, Theodoric the Great, Ricimer, Aetius, Marius, Antony, Stilicho,

I’ll pick #10 later. I am probably going to look for someone obscure and disadvantaged rather than someone who had vastly superior resources and forces like Trajan or Septimius.
Any thoughts on #10?
Feb 2019
Damn, I forgot to include Constantine the Great. Hmmm, I think I'll put him at 7th, ahead of Pompey.
Feb 2019
I'm not going to dissect everyone's lists, but Pompey has no business being on anyone's top 10. He was thoroughly overrated. We have had many threads about this on here.
I initially had him on 11th place but his win over Caesar was the deciding factor. You could be right I suppose.

Constantine V seems to be somewhat underrated. He had important successes.
I did mention him :rockhand:
Feb 2011
Camillus, Fabius Maximus, Marcellus, Scipio Africanus (Elder), Marius, Sulla, Caesar, Tiberius, Trajan, Constantine I.

2nd 11-

Lucullus, Pompey, Ventidius Bassus, Agrippa, Corbulo, Lucius Verus, Sepimius Severus, Claudius Gothicus, Aurelian, Carus.

Reminds me of days at school, fielding cricket teams of Romans v Greeks and Barbarians using 'owzthat! dice!"
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Jan 2017
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Oh I see it now. I tend to think that Constantine V was one of the best Byzantine Emperors from a military POV.


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Jan 2015
I initially had him on 11th place but his win over Caesar was the deciding factor. You could be right I suppose.

I did mention him :rockhand:
His "win" over Caesar... he had Caesar's army massively outnumbered, and if not for treachery on the part of deserters he would have lost the whole war at Dyrachium. He was a bad commander letting himself get penned up, with hygiene problems and illness spreading fast, and with only a small portion of the army able to evacuate from the sea probably. People like to say Caesar got lucky, but it's basically the reverse. Pompey's whole strategy was dumb, and he was far closer to a final defeat at Dyrachium than Caesar who regrouped and came back to crush Pompey in the next battle. Again, there are whole threads on this subject. You should search them up.