Top Ten Fighter Planes of All Times

Aug 2010
A fighter aircraft is a military aircraft designed primarily for air-to-air combat with other aircraft.
Fighters are the primary means by which armed forces gain air superiority over their opponents in battle. Since at least World War II, achieving and maintaining this air superiority has been a key component of victory in warfare, particularly conventional warfare, between regular armies (as opposed to guerrilla warfare). The purchase, training and maintenance of a fighter fleet therefore consumes a substantial proportion of the defense budgets of modern armed forces.
Fighters were developed in response to the fledgling use of aircraft and dirigibles in World War I for reconnaissance and ground-attack roles. Early fighters were very small and lightly armed by later standards, and were mostly biplanes. As aerial warfare became increasingly important, so did control of the airspace. By World War II, fighters were predominantly all-metal monoplanes with wing-mounted batteries of cannons or machine guns. By the end of the war, turbojet engines were already beginning to replace piston engines as the means of propulsion, and increasingly sophisticated refinements to armament were already appearing.

As a Canadian, The Avro Arrow is my top choise.

Black Dog

Ad Honorem
Mar 2008
Damned England
So what happened to the other 9? And surely it's a little pointless comparing, for example, a Sopwith Camel with a Spitfire and then with a Harrier?
Feb 2011
If i understood topicstarter correctly He meaned the role of each plane in history
For example : Hellcat was better plane that Reysen, but Reysen was and also IS the NAME, symbol of japaneese airforces, symbol of first stage of Pacific Battle, symbol of PearlHarbour.