Toyotomi descendant

Sep 2019
i think i may be a descendant to the toyotomi clan. My grandmother recently this year passed away, and on her urn is her family crest, which matches the toyotomi clans emblem. She lost contact with her family after marrying a korean man but stayed in tokyo till she came to live with my dad and his older brother in new york when he was a teenager. I never have met anyone from her side of the family but it could be that they are deacendants, her maiden last name was tomiko which is not the same but maybe it was changed somewhere along the line. How can i check for this? Feel free to ask questions and ill try to elaborate and ask my dad any of the questions. I did not grow up knowing much of my family backround due to the korean side not likeing the japanese and the japanese not likeing the korean side. My dad is half korean half japanese. This picture is the urn with the crest