Trade war between EU and the rest of the world over .. CO2

Jan 2012
Milky Way
So possibly a new trade war is coming:
what I find quite interesting is that EU first time acting so bold on diplomatic area, hopefully it will not end in a disaster.

As to related CO2 news:
EU carbon targets threaten luxury carmakers -
so if you had a dream to buy Bugatti, you will just have to dream a bit longer

So does EU impose new taxes on the rich to support weak economies due to crisis?


Aug 2011
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The Carbon credit trade has been one of much debate... I personally think its just a way for the rich to get richer and another bubble for these people to manipulate and profit off of before it crashes and we deal with the repercussions.

Corporations will be given an allotted amount of credits, and they can sell, buy, trade them to make up for shortfalls or having too many. It's stupid, they are going to keep fighting this in America we'll see how they get this one passed if they ever do. My money is on no.


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Feb 2011
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Personally I don't think this will work out. It's EU vs. the rest of the world including China and the United States. Yeah...good luck.


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Mar 2011
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Australia and New Zealand have also introduced carbon emissions trading legislation, so it's not just 'EU against the world.'