Trains, Cars in Russia -- WWI

Feb 2009

I'm currently doing research for a story taking place (partially) in Petrograd in Dec 1916. I'm trying to find out what brand cars were most commonly found there, since no private motorcars were built in Russia at that time (anything from taxis to vehicles owned by the wealthy).

I also need to find out if the Trans-Caucasian rail actually connected to the trains running from Moscow to Astrakhan, and how long, given the fact that most rail resources were used for the war, it would most likely take to ride from Bukhara to Petrograd.

Hope someone can help. Thanks!!
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Jun 2008
wilmington, nc
Saw a photo of Ford trucks in 1917 at what I think was the freight train station, there were other trucks, but did not know what brand, may have been european brands. One was a bull nose trucks with what looked to be steam coming out. I know there were some steam trucks built in the UK at this time. The photo was a post card send from St. Petersburg in 1917 to a family outside Washington, DC. The sender was with the US foreign service.
Feb 2009
It probably was a truck using an actual truck chassis adapted from the Model T passenger car.

Thanks for that info. I can use that, since among other things I was looking for various modes of transportation besides trains, horse buggies, and troikas.