Translating Ancient Greek Words

Aug 2010
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It may well follow the more recent editions of Liddell and Scott (it has been very extensively revised since Victorian times). Do you know this:

Thomas Hardy, Liddell and Scott On the Completion of their Lexicon:
'Well, though it seems​
Beyond our dreams,'​
Said Liddell to Scott,​
'We've really got​
To the very end,​
All inked and penned​
Blotless and fair​
Without turning a hair,​
This sultry summer day, A.D.​
Eighteen hundred and forty-three.​
'I've often, I own,​
Belched many a moan​
At undertaking it,​
And dreamt of forsaking it.​
-- Yes, on to Pi,​
When the end loomed nigh,​
And friends said: "You've as good as done,"​
I almost wished we'd not begun.​
Even now, if people only knew​
My sinkings, as we slowly drew​
Along through Kappa, Lambda, Mu,​
They'd be concerned at my misgiving,​
And how I mused on a College living​
Right down to Sigma,​
But feared a stigma​
If I succumbed, and left old Donnegan​
For weary freshmen's eyes to con again:​
And how I often, often wondered​
What could have led me to have blundered​
So far away from sound theology​
To dialects and etymology;​
Words, accents not to be breathed by men​
Of any country ever again!'​
'My heart most failed,​
Indeed, quite quailed,'​
Said Scott to Liddell,​
'Long ere the middle!...​
'Twas one wet dawn​
When, slippers on,​
And a cold in the head anew,​
Gazing at Delta​
I turned and felt a​
Wish for bed anew.​
And to let supersedings​
Of Passow's readings​
In dialects go.​
"That German has read​
More than we!" I said;​
Yea, several times did I feel so!...​
'O that first morning, smiling bland,​
With sheets of foolscap, quills in hand,​
To write ἀάατος and ἀαγής,​
Followed by fifteen hundred pages,​
What nerve was ours​
So back to our powers,​
Assured that we should reach ᾠώδης​
While there was breath left in our bodies!'​
Liddell replied: 'Well, that's past now'​
The job's done, thank God anyhow.'​
'And yet it's not,'​
Considered Scott,​
'For we've to get​
Subscribers yet​
We must remember;​
Yes; by September.'​
'O Lord; dismiss that. We'll succeed.​
Dinner is my immediate need.​
I feel as hollow as a fiddle,​
Working so many hours,' said Liddell.​
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Feb 2012
By the way does anyone know what is the difference between the intermediary version of Liddell and Scott lexicon and the abridged one?
Also there are some great videos about etymology of Greek words at the Ελληνικη Αγωγη channel in youtube is there any good book on the etymology of Greek words in particular in modern Greek edition and the etymology of mythological names in the same way the teacher in the videos relates them?
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Aug 2010
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I think the abridged version was designed particularly for use in schools, so the intermediate may contain vocabulary relating to a rather wider range of literature; but I used the abridged version throughout my undergraduate years and rarely found that I had to consult any fuller lexicon.
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