Tribute to the Notre Dame thread


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Mar 2019
It is too early to write off this historic structure, but it is our job as historians to help preserve what we can. The Notre Dame is one of Europe - or the world's - great treasures.

If any of you have ever visited the Notre Dame and have photos, please post them here.
Well she was definitely on my bucket list :(

Iraq Bruin

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Oct 2010
I have the photos at home, will post them when I am on my PC, I am very heart broken, I can only imagine what this means to the Parisians and the French people.

When I was a child, my family took me there and we went on the roof; I took my son on Christmas day 2018, I am very saddened by the prospect of it not being there to see it when he is old enough with a family. :(

This feels like waiting outside the ER Op-Room and hoping a doctor comes out with good news.


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Aug 2010
Welsh Marches
It will still be there, the walls are still standing and they'll rebuild the roof; and apparently statues had been removed. Loss of stained glass very regrettable.


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Oct 2011
Italy, Lago Maggiore
Well, Naomasa, firefighters are still fighting!

Anyway, last time I was in Paris, I following my artistic attitude to take some particular pictures of Notre Dame.

This is my contribute:





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Nov 2010
Western Eurasia
I'm sure the French will rebuild it, and if they need it then i hope other countries will contibute to it too. It is not only a French and christian monument, but a common cultural heritage of mankind. I visited it some 20 years ago as a teenager, TBH the only thing i remember from the interior that it was extremely overcrowded back then with tourists, but i really liked it from the outside.
Jul 2016
Dengie Peninsula
Only got as far as The "Perifique" Which is a bit like the South Circular road, in London. We could see Notre Dam and I said to the wife, "We must come back, some day!"
Apr 2019
United States
It's very sad to lose such an important landmark with such major historic meaning :(
I think they will rebuild part of it though but it will never be the same as it was before


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Nov 2012
Incredibly, I found some on my social media. Possibly I shall find the old cellphone with many originals?

This part of Notre Dame was called "The Louvre Treasury". Most of the relics kept in it initially belonged to Saint-Chapelle, that was built for them, but after the Revolution, when sans-culottes vandalized everything, the Treasury was moved to Notre Dame.

This was Saint Genevieve's ossiarySmartSelect_20190416-220556_Facebook.jpg


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Nov 2012
This was the part of the reliquary holding parts of the True Crown, True Cross and True Nail.

All these relics were bought by Louis the Saint in Constantinople. When he brought them home, he built Saint-Chapelle to hold them. Politically, in marked the transformation of a small townlet on the Seine into a major European city.SmartSelect_20190416-220401_Facebook.jpg
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