Tribute to the Notre Dame thread


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Mar 2012
Wow, great photos! How did you come so closely? I remember a lot of light, and glass. Nonetheless, wonderful.
As far as I remember the treasury was quite a tiny place so coming close was not a big problem. The real problem was glasses and reflections and... the scarcity of light. I had to boost ISO to 1.000 at f-stop 5.6. That means low light condition. And tripods are a no-no in Notre Dame. Not in treasury nor in the church itself. Other churches in Paris are ok with tripods.
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Oct 2013
I have one but I was a fool to leave it at home.

I suppose it happened as it happened a couple of times to me: "let's make this bag lighter ... this, ... this, ... I didn't used it in months, ... let's leave it".

And of course, it remained at home exactly when I needed it!

PS: I see You continue in making great photos. Keep shootin, maribat!

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