Troy: Fall of a City

Jan 2015
Well, the trailer looks like utter fantasy. Which of course does not mean it will be a *bad* show, but expect it to be merely a vehicle for completely modern viewpoints and agendas.

Feb 2017
Devon, UK
It gains marks for including the Gods, and loses them for the Gods being utterly underwhelming, then loses some more for the dialogue, waiting on episode two to see whether it's worth sticking with.


Ad Honorem
May 2016
A new film "Mary Magdalene" is to premiere on 28th February

Apostles Simon Peter and Andrew remain true to historical demographics
For years we seen them depicted close to the white, blond and blued eyed paradigm, in the USA cinema, now there is a new trend in the USA, and with its influence, in the world, a new kind of the 70’s blacksploitation, don’t know if with or without the stereotypes. With the historical accuracy of those historical movies the fact that a black actor represents an ancient Roman, or even a Greek or Hebrew, is not that serious.

About the TV series I begun to see the first episode while it was already running, I saw a horsemen using a fine 20th or 21st century saddle and stirrups, so I just changed to another series. Maybe I come to this fantasy later.
Aug 2012
I understand it's a BBC production, but does anyone else find it so jarring to see us Brits always playing these ancient people? I mean, there must be a lot of Greek and Mediterranean actors, no? It's just strange to me that we keep playing these people. But the BBC has done this quite often, even several times with French figures like Napoleon and Robespierre. Fine, fine productions, but still odd.

EDIT: And not even five minutes into the damn thing and we have graphic nudity. Mary Whitehouse was right about the state of British television.
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