Two India alternate history questions


Ad Honoris
May 2014
Thing is, it was out of the question. Because things didn't improve in Bangladesh until 90s. In 1975 Seikh Mujib and his entire family was massacred. From that time to 90s Bangladesh struggled with Islamist governments and military dictatorships. All those Pakistani collaborators, Razakars and all, virtually roamed free. It wasn't until the first Awami League Government under Seikh Hasina that these elements began to be executed and things begin to improve.

General Zia (Ziaur Rahman) wanted to distance himself and his country from Indian influence somewhat like Charles De Gaulle. He wasn't very pro-India in the first place and fought India in the war of 65. His association with India was like basically a relationship strictly based on limited mutual interest. However when he came to power his primary aim was to improve the economy of Bangladesh and politically stabilize the country. In order to do so he made way too many compromises with the ideals of secularism. He made peace with the elements that opposed the very independence he fought for, carried out so many massacres in collaboration with Pakistanis. His Islamist policies (not like other Zia's in Pakistan) helped his country gain an favourable image in the Middle-East. All these things helped the economy a lot but spelled doom for a whole lot of people especially in places where the presence of Government was minimal to nonexistent, i.e. the rural areas. Also military coups and violent political repressions were regular things. So all in all, it wasn't anything anyone with the memories of '71 and before would ever go back to. And India provided better opportunities, even if not immdiately but certainly in future. Plus in India, one wouldn't have to be afraid for just being a Hindu.

This thing continued well into the 90s and early 2000s. Now things are better but sporadic incidents happen. Jamaat E Islami Bangladesh is still a thing. Also most Bangladeshi Hindus have relatives in India and therefore prefer to migrate. Furthermore its not only Hindus that migrate but a great number of Muslims do too, for opportunities and all. Also these refugees provide an easy votebank to the politcal entites of West Bengal. CPM was notorious for this. West Bengalis (In general) frown at this, Assamese take it way too more seriously these days.
Very interesting information! Thanks for sharing!

IMHO - This sort of one helluva fu**ed up mess happens when some drunk appointed by Churchill draws a line on a map that goes through someone's paddy field, someone's toilet, between two platforms of a train station and everyone blindly accepts that as an acceptable political solution of an artificially cooked up problem based on some divine crap that mattered so little to so many outside their homes and family rituals.
I thought that Indian Muslims strongly cared about this. Hence Direct Action Day in 1946 and all of that.