U.S. Army bias against Russians


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May 2011
Just wondering why are they so rude to Russians? Cause of the previous Cold War? :lol:

The Military's Secret Shame - Print View - The Daily Beast

Shortly after his attack, with his assailants threatening to send him “back to Russia in half,”...

... But he’s insistent on telling his story. “America to me is justice, truth, and fairness,” he says. “Everything that happened there, none of it had to do with any of that.”

Sargon of Akkad

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Jun 2009
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No, no, leave it there. But there are so many pro-military people that they'll never believe that the people to whom they - without irony - say "thank you for your service" are actually not paragons of moral virtue.

Also, I'm not sure 'bias' is the right term for systematic gang rape.


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Jun 2009
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This crap goes on world-wide. It isn't an exclusive U.S. thing, nor is it saome "bias" directed towards Russians.
Aug 2011
Both Russia and the US mess with each other. When I was in the US Navy and deployed overseas the Russians were always buzzing our aircraft and whatnot with their jets.

No other country's military did anything like that while I was in. *shrugs*


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Mar 2010
Hazing has been a major issue within the Russian Army for some time, even driving many recruits to suicide. So I wouldn't necessarily say this is exclusive to America.

As for an American bias against Russia, much of it is residue from the Cold War, plus there's no major pro-Russian lobby within America. However I am noticing a certain decrease in such over the past few years.


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Jan 2009
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This crap goes on world-wide. It isn't an exclusive U.S. thing, nor is it saome "bias" directed towards Russians.
Must agree. Thats like calling someone racist because he made a black joke. I make them, but I'm not racist. He made that statement because he was talking to a Russian. Had he been talking to a Chinese, he would have said China and not Russia. Irish? Ireland.
Aug 2011
Just read the article. Male-on-male rape in the military, eh?

My best friend in the Navy found out that his cousin, who was on a submarine, had been gang raped by like a dozen guys. That's the only incident of male-on-male rape in the military I ever heard of before this article.

As far as Russians in the US military we had one in my division. His name was Kavatarian. We all got along fine with him though he could be a prick sometimes. I just figured he was like that because he had lived in New York City from the age of 10.:lol: