U.S. Army Dragoon Uniforms 1850s

May 2019

I am doing some research on the uniforms that a Dragoon Sergeant Major would have worn in the 1850s out here in Washington state (then it was called the Washington Territory from 1853). In Randy Steffen's The Horse Soldier 1776-1943, Volume Two: The Frontier, the Mexican War, the Civil War, the Indian Wars 1851-1880, he has a drawing of a Sergeant Major from the second Dragoons on page 43. On his hat with plume, he is wearing the number 2, crossed sabers, and the letter A. As I understand it I thought the regiment had only one Sergeant Major and he served at headquarters along with the Quarter Master Sergeant and a couple of other NCOs. If anyone knows the make-up of a Dragoon regimental staff I would greatly appreciate that, especially if a source is given. Should all staff NCOs wear just the number of the regiment? Each Dragoon Regiment would have ten companies that each had a First Sergeant in addition to the Company Quartermaster Sergeant (again if you have additional information on company NCOs it would be greatly appreciated).

Thank you,