Ukrainian Language Bans in 17-20 Centuries under Russian Rule

Aug 2015
This is an interesting history topic related bans and survival of the Ukrainian language under Moscow/St. Petersburg rule. The history of the fight against Ukrainian language (called Little Russian language) by Russian Czars is impressive. Some historians claim that Russian authorities issued 400 documents banning Ukrainian language and church services in Ukrainian language.

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1622 – Order of Tsar Michael and the filing of the Moscow Patriarch Filaret in the state burn all copies printed in Ukraine Instructive Gospel (uk) by Cyril Stavrovetsky

1720 – Peter I's decree banning the printing press in the Ukrainian language and Ukrainian texts seizure of church books.

1729 – Peter II ordered to rewrite the Ukrainian into Russian all decrees and orders.

1763 – Catherine II decree banning the teaching in Ukrainian in Kiev-Mohyla Academy.

1769 – Prohibition of the Synod of Ukrainian print and use the primer.

1775 – The destruction of the Zaporozhian Sich and closed Ukrainian schools at the offices of the Cossack regiment.

1832 – Reorganization of education in Ukraine on the principles of empire-wide and translated into Russian language training.

1847 – The defeat of the Cyril and Methodius brother properties and increased crackdown Ukrainian language and culture, the prohibition of the best works of Shevchenko, Kulish, Kostomarov and others.

1862 – Closing free Sunday Ukrainian schools for adults in under-Russia Ukraine.

1863 – Valuev Circular banning censorship give imprimatur Ukrainian-spiritual and popular educational literature: "no separate Little Russian language was not and could not."

1864 – Adoption of the Charter of the primary school at which training was to be conducted only in Russian.

1876 - Alexander II's Ems decree banning the printing and importation from abroad of any Ukrainian-literature, and to ban Ukrainian stage performances and Ukrainian texts for typing notes, that is folk songs.[2]

1881 – Prohibition of teaching in the public schools and uttering church sermons in Ukrainian.

1884 – Alexander III ban Ukrainian theater in all the provinces of Little Russia.

1888 – Alexander III decree banning the use of the Ukrainian language in official institutions and baptism Ukrainian names.

1892 – Prohibition to transfer books from Russian into Ukrainian.

1895 – Prohibition of the Main Administration of Press to publish books for Ukrainian children.

I will appreciate related comments and additional historic data.