Underwater Archaeology

Sep 2011
There are some fantastic techniques at the moment and hopfully as time goes by the technology will advance so that we can learn more.

Underwater archaeology - Wikipedia

If you could send a team of underwater archaeologists anywhere in the world, where would it be and what would you hope to find?


Ad Honorem
Aug 2011
To the Aztec Underworld. Hopefully to find valuables. IN this series they don't find anything, they just survey the area.

That article mentions Port Royal as well. So maybe there. Where-ever merchant ships might have been sunk during world war II.

Anywhere along the Mediterranean and Indian coast lines as they appears to have receding or sunken coast lines.

This is ancient aliens, so it has an alien descendant slant to it, but it's really good production quality, so...

Here's some guy claiming to have found a huge city. Maybe it's a unique find? Who knows?

Jul 2017
Wow! This is quite amazing. These techniques are applicable in the context of the Indian subcontinent as well. There is the submerged city of Dwarka and possibly other ports waiting to be discovered on the western coast including that of Sindh in Pakistan