Union Lee Confederate Grant

this is just an idea that popped in my head one day what if grant and lee switched sides? What would have happened if lee fought for the north and grant fought for the south?

Would lee have become president of the USA after the war?

Would the south have won?
Jul 2008
Though Grant had his talents, Lee was the superior tactician & motivator. He & the north would have won & he probably would have been elected president if he lived.


Ad Honorem
Apr 2008
Being as it was a war of production primarily not battlefield generalship the change would have made little difference.
Jul 2006
Lee's aggressive tactics would've worked well with the North, since losses wouldn't have mattered as much as they did in Lee's Army of Northern Virginia.

Grant's ideas of "tactics" on the other hand would've been horrific to a Southern Army. Bloody assaults followed by sieges would've flopped. He probably would've been relieved of command.

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