US Army Bases...WTF


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Jul 2013
San Antonio, Tx
I wonder at the time of the Civil War how clear the sense was that citizens needed to be loyal to the federation over and above loyalty to their states. Obviously, for many, state loyalty took precedence. To Robert E. Lee, for example, betraying Virginia was a greater crime then betraying the United States. And this was the thinking of many, including a preponderance of West Point graduates.
This makes me think of the relative of zRobert E Lee who served in the Union Army who said, “When I can find the word Virginia in my officer’s commission....”
Sep 2012
Tarkington, Texas
Actually, the only Yankee skeleton in my family tree was an Irish Veteran from New York City. He married my Gr-Gr-Grandmother in Virginia. I am waiting for some Southern City to replace the Confederate monument with a Union monument! All you have to do is make it a couple of inches taller than the Confederate monument. Pray tell what designation would one call the veterans that fought for BOTH sides?

Aug 2014
New York, USA
Take a chill pill...the people who took up arms against the United States were traitors, nothing more or less.
100 years from now they gonna put a statue of Osama bin Laden in New York (a man who killed a lot less Americans than some Confederate Generals I might add), and they going to argue that it is just "old history" and they will dig up some interview with someone who "forgave Osama and the Islamists and placed partial fault for 9/11 on US foreign policy at the time". For some reason a lot of people fetishize truly immoral men.

Year 2120, near Rochester, NY. Fort bin Laden near a Muslim community there. Mark my words.
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