US Global Imperialism from 1941 to 1990 or a System built of equal Alliance(s)?

Aug 2011
I don't think anyone here has been living under a rock for the last 70 years. So, the thread title ought to be pretty self explanatory. I hope?


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Dec 2010
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an extensive group of states or countries under a single supreme authority, formerly especially an emperor or empress.
"the Roman Empire"
synonyms: kingdom, realm, domain, territory, imperium; More
a large commercial organization owned or controlled by one person or group.
"her business empire grew"
synonyms: organization, corporation, multinational, conglomerate, consortium, company, business, firm, operation More
an extensive operation or sphere of activity controlled by one person or group.
"the kitchen had once been the ladies' empire"
supreme political power over several countries when exercised by a single authority.
"he encouraged the Greeks in their dream of empire in Asia Minor"
synonyms: power, rule, ascendancy, supremacy, command, control, authority, sway, dominance, domination, dominion More
absolute control over a person or group.
a variety of apple.
I'd have to go with #2 there.
Sep 2013
I wish it were any different, but Europe is just a vassal state of the US right now.

The only thing that makes it difficult for the US is the fact that they're desperate to keep it a "secret", to uphold the illusion towards the people of Europe that they're independent.


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Nov 2011
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On the one hand, I definitely wouldn't call it global imperialism. On the other hand, the alliances the US built were not really characterized by equality; it was always clear that the US was the leading power and would not accept important decisions to be taken against US national interests.

Most probably, such a question can also not be answered globally. I think US foreign policy differed much depending on the world region. US policy towards Western Europe and Japan was much more constructive than it was towards Latin America and Iran, to cite just some examples. I think it is difficult to lump them all together.

In any case, the US from 1941-1990 could be a very benevolent power and those under its influence could achieve a high degree of freedom if they found the right diplomatic tone.


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Jun 2012
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I'd consider it more like a hegemony. It was an alliance between several states, but an alliance in which the USA was clearly the most powerful member, and therefore did sort of become the master of this alliance.


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Oct 2012
This dynamic only exists because Europe wants it to. Given the wealth and population of the EU states, they could easily build a military capabilities to be more than adequate to independently secure their interests and project their power. Or, if they did decide take on a substantial portion of the military responsibilities in NATO, the relationship would change to a more equal alliance. But since WWII, it has been Europe's policy to minimize defence spending in order to increase social spending and, in doing so, actively decided, as they continue to decide, to play a junior role in the NATO alliance.
Nov 2013
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The United States is the most imperialistic nation to date, for no other country in our history has established such influence over so many nations all across the globe. It is a naïve and unrealistic claim that the United States is a "protector of freedom" that cares about its allies for anything else than their own national interests. Ever since their conquest of native territory in the 19th century and the colonization of the Philippines, and even more intensely after World War II, the United States has filled all criteria for being an imperialist state and a possible threat to world peace. It spies on friends and foes alike, invades faraway nations as soon as their government policy becomes a nuisance, and supports countries like Saudi Arabia - one of the harshest dictatorships on earth, worse so than North Korea - in order to further their own goals. Such actions are the peak of immorality in the modern world, and I am ashamed of Europe's blind politicians who tolerate American influence over our politics.

I will not visit this thread again, because I fear that people are still too misinformed to acknowledge the truth in my words and react with patriotic rage or unacceptable pro-imperialist arguments. If you support my ideals and wish to discuss them further, you are welcome to message me.