US presence and nostalgy (1944-1966)

May 2017
Hello everybody and dear specialists.I have passed two months in the ancient USAAF basis of Châteauroux (Indre),and i have the impression of a big nostalgy of the population:no unemployment,end of the privations,reconstruction,rock and roll,etc…..people were not afraid about the future.But what do we know about the conditions of life of the US soldiers in the cold Berry,were they happy to live at thousands kilometers of their nation ? And specially,what do they eat from morning to evening ? US or fench food ?
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Aug 2016
US military personnel assigned overseas have always had their food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, and other basic necessities provided by the US military. US military chow halls serve food most Americans are familiar with. The airmen were usually free to go off base during their off duty hours and experience the local culture: eat in local restaurants, drink in local bars, date French women, etc. Some of the American servicemen would have volunteered for service in Europe. Others were sent there involuntarily. Before leaving the US the men were told to get their affairs in order so that their families and financial affairs in the US could continue to function even if the airman was thousands of miles or kilometers away. Naturally, something unexpected, like a family member getting sick, could be stressful since the airman would not be able to help from so far away.