US Presidents busts

Jul 2019
Hi everyone!
My name is Konstantin.
I didn't know where to post this. So i decided to introduce myself here.

Me and my colleagues made wooden carvings of all US Presidents.
Right now it's only 3d meshes and a carving of A.Lincoln
and we want to mill all of the busts.
We started a kickstarter campaign The Presidents
And we want to reach everyone who interested in US history.
Please, let me know what you think abou this and share your suggestions.

Here're some examples of the meshes
William Howard Taft - 3D model by kostikim (@kostikim)

Grover Cleveland - 3D model by kostikim (@kostikim)

James A. Garfield - 3D model by kostikim (@kostikim)

Chester A. Arthur - 3D model by kostikim (@kostikim)

Barack Obama - 3D model by kostikim (@kostikim)