Various historic videos on FDR


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Dec 2015
Ill post a few videos I have stored in my view history and will ask others to post historic videos involving FDR that they know of.

Here I will start with FDR and Americas changing mindset through the WW2 era. As we know the US did not enter WW2 until after The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec 7th 1941. But before that we were the arsenal of democracy. And in the following video we will see FDR talk about the importance of supporting The British Empire. The importance of the British being able to fend off the Reich, as we know the Reich tried to take over the British but were repelled at London. The following video is from Dec 29 1940,

Roosevelt was reminding above of the importance of Britan being able to defend itself, had the English lost to the Germans...the Americans as FDR said would have been at the gunpoint of the Reich. Roosevelt talks about the importance of American managers and workers working things out and being able to support the WW2 effort as the arsenal of democracy. FDR also talks about his view and agian this is form 1940 when Germany was strong, that the allies would in the end win ww2 and he was right.

This video shown below is from well after the US joins WW2 as a combatant not only as a arms supporter of the allies. The video is from 1943, where FDR thanks his allies and reminds of the importance of finishing the job and winning WW2. FDR address Congress here and praises Churchill, Stalin and Chiang Kai-shek as each name is read out all three are greeted with an overwhelming applause from Congress. Roosevelt talks about a great unanimity about the United Nations... Talking about hitting the Axis powers and hitting them hard. One can see VP Wallace in the background. Roosevelt talks directly to Hitler and Mussolini saying they will understand now the enormity of their miscalculation .

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