Vassals of an Imperial Count

Apr 2017
In feudal European times (1000-1600) what kind of vassals (such as lesser nobles) would an imperial count (who rules a county) of the Holy Roman Empire have? Would they have barons serving them? If they are primarily based in a city who would they have a lesser noble to administer it?
Jan 2008
I'm not completely sure, but I'm guessing that in the feudal Holy Roman Empire, an imperial count (graf) might have barons (freiherren), hereditary knights (ritter), hereditary squires (edler), and hereditary non-titled nobility (junkers) serving under them as vassals. (I'm not sure if I've gotten the German plurals correct or not).


Ad Honorem
Jul 2015
Assuming you are talking Germany, typically they wouldn't be based in a city. I am also unsure about the vassals as it worked differently in Germany.