Victims of wars of Religion in Europe (1525-1703)

May 2017
Hello everybody and dear specialists.Is it possible to evaluate the number of victims of the wars of religion for the period 1525 (Germany) until 1703 (France) ?
XVIth century:nations concerned:Germany,Switzerland,France and participations of Spain,Italia and England.
XVIIth century:nations concerned:France,Germany,Danmark,Sweden,Austrian-Hungarian empire,and participations of Spain,Italia,England,Bohemia.
XVIIIth century:France.
Mar 2016
The problem is in defining what a "war of religion" is. Very few if any wars were fought purely on religious grounds. Usually there was a variety of other factors, such as dynastic and territorial control, spheres of influence, wealth and resource control, etc. Even the two largest "wars of religion" in Early Modern Europe - the French Wars of Religion and the Thirty Years War - had strong dynastic and political factors that in many cases became more important than religion. Especially in the case of the Thirty Years War, where religion was not a driving factor for most of the belligerents.

Also, out of curiosity, what 'religious war' occurred in France in the 18th century? I always thought that after Louis XIV's revocation of the Edict of Nantes and his campaign against the Huguenots in the 1680s that religion was no longer a major source of conflict in France, at least above the local, private level.


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Jan 2017
it's a near impossible task to estimate the human losses due only to the wars ,
there was some severe crop failure leading to famines ,
various epidemics were propagated by armies on the move
some hysterical bouts of witches hunting especially in the Rhineland had massive casualties tabulated in the tens of thousand
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Jan 2017
the XVII century was an age of Iron

the little ice age devastated the crops
there were wars everywhere
it is given that the population of Germany dropped by one third , Poland was devastated , Muscovy had the " times of troubles"
lot of villages in Sweden had no fit men left in them ,
England was in a murderous civil war .
France was racked by revolts , the Sun King had to remove troops from his incessant wars to crush them
banditry reached the point of stopping all commerce not under strong armed escort
the Low countries were devastated by the incessant passage of armies , the Turks were on the prowl outside Vienna
Hungary was a battlefield
Spain went from the richest , most powerful country in Europe ( probably the world ) to a bankrupt shell

From Wikipedia
"Plague epidemics ravaged London in 1603, 1625, 1636, and 1665,reducing its population by 10 to 30% during those years.Over 10% of Amsterdam's population died in 1623–1625, and again in 1635–1636, 1655, and 1664. Late outbreaks in central Europe included the Italian plague of 1629-1631 which is associated with troop movements during the Thirty year war and the Great plague of Vienna in 1679.
The last plague outbreak ravaged Oslo in 1654.
In the first half of the 17th century, a plague claimed some 1.7 million victims in Italy, or about 14% of the population.
In 1654, the Russian plague killed about 700,000 inhabitants
In 1656, the plague killed about half of Naples 300,000 inhabitants.
More than 1.25 million deaths resulted from the extreme incidence of plague in 17th-century Spain The plague of 1649 probably reduced the population of Seville by half."
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Dec 2014
By other side what´s a religious war? Crussaders... Maybe... I only can see Religion war in HRE and France civil wars.. and some kind of "trouble" in Bohemia. 1618-1648 was not a Religion War but a war for hegemony...


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Feb 2010
Canary Islands-Spain
It is an almost impossible task, considering that, for example, a well known war as the Eighty Years War lacks a casualty stimation

The number, however, probably overpass 10 million