Video: The History of East Asia: Every Year

Jun 2013
Here's an animated map I made showing the progression of all Chinese, Mongolian, Jurchen, Korean, and Japanese nations from the Shang Dynasty to the present.


Please give me feedback on what you think of the video! This took forever to make.
Jan 2015
Is there a reason why you did not show the changing territories of Japan's warring states? I think it would be more complete that way instead of showing Japan as a single unit.
Jun 2013
Qing did not actually control Joseon any more than Ming did except briefly sometime in the 1880s.
The treaty that Joseon signed made them an effective vassal. In the treaty:

1. Korea submits to the Qing Dynasty.
2. Korea has to break her traditional relationship with Ming.
3. Korea offers the first and second sons of King Injo, and sons or brothers of ministers as hostages.
4. Korea pays tribute to Qing as she has done to Ming.
5. Korea will serve for Qing in the war against Ming.
6. Korea offers warships to return of Manchu soldiers.
7. Both ministers of Korea and Manchu became stuck together as marriage.
8. Korea is not allowed to build castles.
9. Korea pays tribute amount of quantity after 1639.

Sections 1, 2, and 4 are examples of the Chinese tributary system, something I am aware of. However the rest are signs of being a de facto vassal.

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